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Janel Galvez Email


A native Californian, Janel was born in Orange County, and raised mostly in Sacramento. She studied film photography in college while earning her BA in Psychology. In 2013, Janel, along with her husband and two children, relocated to Santa Cruz, fulfilling a long time dream of living at the ocean. The move was a major transition in many ways, prompting Janel to step away from her portrait photography business to pursue her fine art interests. Hers has been a journey towards finding peace and living life to its fullest. Janels recent work is a product of her rekindled love of shooting film and the beauty of living at the beach. Her process combines her photography with melted beeswax and pigments, handcrafting one-of-a-kind pieces that are lusciously textured and capture the sense of peace, renewal, and simple pleasure we get from the ocean and the world around us.